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Star Sapphires are one of the most fascinating gemstones on earth. Like Star Rubies, Star Sapphires show a bright six-legged star in the dome of their cabochon. This is caused due to an optical phenomenon known as “Asterism” (Aster in Latin means Star). The stars are formed by light reflecting off tiny inclusions in the stone. Stars in Star Sapphires are usually in six-ray stars, but twelve-ray stars are also known
Rutile is the essential element that causes the star-effect in star sapphires. The more densely packed the rutile, the better the star. This effect or optical phenomena is known as “Asterism". Asterism occurs when the light is concentrated into three rays that intersect at right angles to the direction of the needles, thus creating a six-legged star. Usually these stones only star in sunlight or under strong indoor light (such as spotlight or halogen light). Of course, synthetic stars display asterism perfectly in all lights, which make them simple to detect
Although star sapphires occur in a variety of colors, the supply of fine stones is always limited. Black star sapphires which range from translucent to opaque are often very dark brown, green, or blue, rather than true black. Black stars are the most readily available and least expensive natural star stones. Green star sapphires are rare and yellow or orange ones are very rare. It is extremely rare to find a star-sapphire with a sharp star and a bright blue body color. Also it must be noted that grayish sapphires tend to have better stars than the blues

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